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Partly to learn and partly because I needed one, I decided to build a personal organiser using only vanilla JavaScript to keep track of my to-do's on a calendar.

As you can see from the below video, the calendar uses small circles to identify when a days to-do list had been complete or incomplete. The calendar also stretches as far into the future as needed so tasks could be set years in advance if needed! 

Design was also considered from the beginning of the build and I was keen to give it a sleek and minimal feel. I also added a feature that allowed me to change the background of it in case I got bored of the current one!

Coding the calendar provided a number of interesting challenges including; the day of month had to correlate with the row of days above it, the calendar needed to be as large as the user required, the to-dos needed to be stored on the correct day's and many more.

Currently the app is only for personal use and so the data is stored in the browser rather than a database. One day I may add a database and release it online but if any readers were curious about the code please don't hesitate to get in touch.
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