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Patientory Inc.

Patientory Inc required a website to promote their innovative block chain based phone application. The website needed to promote the apps ability to track and exchange health data between patient and doctor.

The design included a number of complex user interactions and layouts so it was crucial that these worked seamlessly for the best possible user experience.

The site received fantastic feedback from the client on its visual appearance and the way it conveys the brands message. The result of the site resulted in increase in website traffic and app downloads.

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The PHA Group
One of the more interesting challenges was creating the complex layout and user interactions. The animation featured on the homepage provides as a fun interactive element to the website, allowing the user to feel engaged while learning about the app. This feature, along with the rest of the website, was fully responsive and worked beautifully across all devices and browsers as per the original brief.

The blog page also implemented auto loading which saved time for the user. Features like this worked great for improving the users over all impression of the company and increasing engagement and conversions.
Patientory Website | Tom Hoadley | Freelance Wordpress Developer
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