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NOMO is part of the Kinnerton brand who sell chocolates and sweets to a global market. NOMO aimed to bring a whole new chocolate brand to the market, which would reach a ‘Free From’ audience. The goal was to present new type of chocolate that was free from Dairy, Gluten, Eggs and Nuts.

The goal of the site was to bring the new chocolate bars to life, along with displaying the vital information of nutrition and ingredients in a clear way.  It also included a store locator where users could find out the nearest place to their current location to purchase NOMO chocolate.

The end result is a bold and eye catching site whose animations and interactions make it a joy to use. This helped to supplement the products big marketing push and saw a huge boost in engagement of their online brand.
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In order to create an on brand, visually exciting website there were a number of technical challenges involved. Some of these features included the 'melted chocolate' header, a menu that oozed open, enticing 'shake' animations and animated text that was slowly revealed.

The above animations and interactions added another layer of fun to the website helping to improve user enjoyment and reflect the companies quality products.
Nomo Chocolate Website | Tom Hoadley | Freelance Wordpress Developer
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